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Things That Could Be Donated To Rural Schools

Things That Could Be Donated To Rural Schools

17 April, 2017

There are so many rural schools in many third world countries that are running with lack of money and with poverty. There are students who study in these type of schools but lack so many facilities and sources of education. When compared with the students in the city their lives are in chaos and they have so many personal issues that can affect their right of education as well. Sometimes due to family problems they do not get the chance to come to school and due to lack of money they cannot afford the expenses that go to receive education. Furthermore the school they go to have no educated teachers when compared with the private schools and their teachers have the standard amount of knowledge and most of the time there are from theses villages too. Therefore there are now committees and clubs formed in order to help these rural schools and students to receive quality education. Then they will also be equal to the rest of the students in the city. This is a great help for both teachers and the students and since it is a good deed even they are internationally recognized and they help so much in order to put a smile on their faces. 

One of the issues they find is in these schools the lack of safety and care the students have. As the school administration has to be stronger they should have ways of protecting the school, students and the staff. Therefore as they lack these facilities the above mentioned committees have taken steps to conduct a clean job such as to provide security screens which can bring safety to both the doors and windows as some of them have a metal covering or a fence type frame on the window. It can protect the goods in the school as they can avoid crimes as theft and burglary. These are actually good improvements a school can have. They also provide security doors especially to the entrances and exits of the school premises as it can avoid many harmful situations. While providing for a good safety they also provide all the sources of education that are necessary for the well-being of the students. They provide things such as uniforms, new text books, exercise books, computer lab for the students to have more knowledge of the technology, a gymnasium for their mental and physical health and so on. Their main target is to bring all the students equal and provide sufficient education.