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How To Make The Optimum Use Out Of A Small Kitchen

How To Make The Optimum Use Out Of A Small Kitchen

20 April, 2017

When you live in the city an in an apartment the possibility of having a huge and spacious kitchen, is low. Unless of course you are living in a luxurious one but then again you cannot guarantee a huge kitchen so making the best use of what you’ve got is important. Whether it is a huge kitchen or one that is small, it all depends mainly on how you store things and how you organize them and if that is done well then having a small space to call a kitchen wouldn’t matter at all! Here’s how you could make the optimum space out of what you’ve got;

Hooks and extra space

Installing hooks to hold in essentials like a kitchen towel or even pans, is the perfect way to make good kitchen. Installing hooks are easy and they also are the perfect way to store things in an orderly fashion. Especially when it comes to cutleries and pans, true you could have a different rack to store them in but with the already lack in space using this storing method isn’t exactly the wisest and this is what make hooks the perfect tool for this. You could easily make up for the lack of space through this and store your essentials wisely. This way you wouldn’t have to go through an entire kitchens renovations to find space for storing.

Organizing based on usage

We all have those pans and fancy kitchen ware we use occasionally or even rarely, so storing them in a space where you store your other essentials you use on a daily basis isn’t exactly the greatest thing to do. If you store them based on the frequency of them being used you would be storing things smarter. Take some time to organize and set aside those pans and kitchen ware you hardly use. If they were fancy ones then you could even use them as a means of decoration, at least temporarily until you have to use them for their actual purpose. This can be a great way to organize things while also going through a kitchen makeover.

Installing shelves

Making up for the lack of space by installing wall mounted shelves is another great way to help set things in an appropriate manner in your small kitchen. Not only can you install them easily but you could also install them anywhere thus making it a perfect option to create space.

Making smart choices considering space

Even though you want to have a fancy wall mounted oven or a huge island in the middle of the kitchen, you’ve got to think twice on those choices after considering the availability of space in your kitchen. If you truly do need an island try to fit in one that is movable, think of the heavy appliance choice as well, are they truly a necessity? Can I substitute them? If you also want to include a breakfast table in your kitchen make a smart choice on space management and size. This way you will be able to reduce the chances where your kitchen ends up becoming cramped up and stuffy!

Think wisely and organize things inside your little kitchen to avoid it becoming stuffy and space less!