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Tips For Successful Home Gardening

Tips For Successful Home Gardening

26 April, 2017

Be it a tiny vegetable patch at the back of your house or a field sized garden adorning your home entrance, everyone takes pride in what they grow and nurture. They like toiling over it and perfecting their greenery. Getting their hands dirty gives them immense pleasure and a sense of satisfaction. But most people make the mistake of thinking maintaining their lawn will be just the same as the gardening that they were used to doing. But sadly they are misinformed. Go here for more information about turf.

The truth behind it

It’s not for lack of trying that the lawns of most people fall apart a month or two after the turf layers have laid it down for them. they sweat over it day in day out and spend hours look after them like precious babies, but their lawns still fail to thrive, and they simply can’t figure out why. They make several trips to the local turf suppliers looking for advice and still can’t get it right. This is because the culprits are the trees and plants that are present in your garden. They don’t allow your lawn to thrive. Because of their encroaching tree canopy that shades the lawn grass, it doesn’t give the grass a chance to grow and as a result the grass thins out in these shaded regions. The shade maybe one of the reasons you need the trees but they don’t do any good to your lawn.Then there is also the problem of the tree roots competing with the grass for water and nutrients, which we don’t consider and the moment we see the grass thinning out we run out to buy more fertilizer and start watering the grass even more. This might provide a temporary solution and make you lawn look better for a while, but you have not slain the actual monster and your extra efforts are actually feeding it and hurting your lawn. Because the trees are thriving with the extra nutrients and water expanding their canopies and extending their roots which only pose more problems for the grass on the lawn.

It is a vicious cycle that requires our never ending attention. And after some time you just feel like your dream lawn has just become a nutrient and water hog consuming everything that you throw down on it and never showing the results for it. It’s always demanding more time and chemicals than it deserves you feel. And it is at this point that most people are forced to look at other easier alternatives or just bring it down altogether.