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How To Make Your House Serene

How To Make Your House Serene

13 November, 2018

Your house is where your family rests and grows. It is the place that welcomes you at the end of a hard day of work. It is the shelter that keeps you warm and dry during storms. It is therefore your responsibility to make sure this beautiful place that you call home exudes serenity and peace. The article below gives some tips and suggestions that will truly help you in this regard.

Keep your house clutter free

A cluttered house will never exude serenity and this one you know already! Make sure your house is kept clutter free by diligently de-cluttering every once in a while. Be ruthless when you throw away items you no longer need and love so that you will be left with items that give you job and delight. Your spaces will be transformed when they carry only the items that offer happiness to you. It really doesn’t matter how much you spent to get a particular clothing item or household item. If it doesn’t inspire delight, do try to get rid of it.

Keep your house clean and well organized

Make sure you arrange your spaces in a way that makes it easier for you to clean. Keep your rooms neat and tidy by cleaning at least once a week. Do try to get all those cobwebs that stubbornly stay stuck in corners. Try to also eliminate pests from your house because they will often leave you getting stressed out unnecessarily. Make sure every single piece of your belonging has a designated place in the house. Try to always leave things where you found them so that your house will not get messy all the time.

Make your house smell divine

A good aromatherapy diffuser will make your house smell truly wonderful. Buy one that you can store in a safe place in your house, away from children, pets and inflammable items. You can choose essential oils like cinnamon, vanilla, orange, lavender and lemongrass to make your house smell like a tropical resort!

You can buy an essential oil diffuser Australia or use homemade concoctions to add fragrance to your house. Keep a pot on the stove and pour some water in to it. Add to this some orange peels, fruit scraps and a cinnamon stick and boil it all on a very low heat. Do make sure you don’t forget about the pot and go to sleep though!

Focus on the color palette

The color palette in your house can truly shape its personality. Try to make the space of your living room white if you can as that creates a serene space effortlessly. The rest of the walls in your house can also be of the same shade. A monochrome color palette is soothing and modern. It’s also quite easy to decorate the house with it is mostly white.A serene space will help you remain calm at all times too. So do take steps to transform your spaces in to positive energy fields!