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How To Keep Mature Trees Healthy

How To Keep Mature Trees Healthy

6 February, 2017

Although any plant would possibly increase the look of your property, hardly anyone would disagree that trees are one landscape article that improves significantly with age. Sadly, not all trees reach maturity, and the plants that do are still exposed to risks that a homeowner is simply not equipped to prevent. Though mature plants might seem sturdy and stable, established tree care is essential to maintain appearances, and safety.

Check health

Visual examinations by the homeowner are one of the most useful procedures in mature tree care. While professional investigations done by a certified tree services provider should also be done annually, homeowners who examine their trees routinely will be better informed of any unusual features in their trees. To examine the health of your mature trees, focus on the leaf size and its appearance, new buds and eaves, growth of twig and the characteristics of the top branches. If you identify any drastic change as compared to previous years, the tree is likely to be experiencing some trouble. While any tree can come under the influence of an insect infestation, fungus growth or disease, mature trees are particularly at a disadvantage.

Uprooting mature trees

Not every mature tree survives the test of time. Sadly, insects, diseases, fungus, construction, heavy snows, and several other elements can create enough injuries that makes removal necessary. Well established trees are remarkably risky to uproot, and the outcomes of improper mature tree lopping are something you might want to avoid. Look out here for tree removal at North Shore.

Prune mature trees

For any tree, pruning is often necessary to cut out dead or infected branches or for safety. However, pruning mature trees is a different task as compared to trimming smaller trees. Since mature tree pruning is a task that takes place from the uppermost branch downwards, and requires some serious equipment, this is not something homeowners should attempt by themselves. It is recommended to hire an expert trained for tree lopping at Hills District in pruning mature trees to prevent any personal or property injuries.

Fertilizer and mulch

If the mature trees on your backyard are indigenous to the area or are well adopted to the local climate, there is very little regular up keeping required in keeping them healthy Having said that, placing mulch and fertilizer can be of significant importance to the health of a well-established tree. The application of mulch in two or three inch thickness at the root of a tree can be both useful and beautiful, especially when dealing with non-indigenous plants, and in cold months. Adding mulch helps in retaining moist and nutrients for an extended period, which helps growth regardless of the maturity of the tree.